Small Groups


what are SMALL groups? 

A Small Group connects people relationally for the purpose of relying on and growing in Christ to impact our community.

why Do we have SMALL groups?

A Small Group is one of the ways to get connected at Crossroads. Our desire is that every person at Crossroads be connected in a small group, building relationships and growing together in Christ. We want to help everyone take their next step in their walk with God. Our Small Groups are mission-minded which means we want to impact the community where we meet through demonstrating the love of Christ through acts of kindness. 

How Do I join A SMALL Group?

Our groups are open groups, which means you can join any time. All you have to do is contact us and we will help you find the right group. Our groups are safe which means you will be accepted and can be yourself. We are all on a journey together with God. Small groups provide a time to grow together, ask questions, work through struggles and difficulties and continue on your journey of faith in Jesus right alongside other people who love you.

Ready to Sign-up or have Questions?

Contact Pastor Doug Askew