Our Mission...

To develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who will reach, serve, and build into other's lives for the glory of God.

The Example...

Why we REACH: Jesus reached those whom society rejected, providing hope, healing, and the Good News of the Kingdom.

Why we SERVE: Jesus did not lord it over others: rather, he modeled servant leadership, lowering himself to the point of death.

Why we BUILD: Jesus chose twelve men to build into. We continue to see this relational intentionality in the early church through shared possessions, fellowship, and encouragement. 

What this looks like...

Worship: This is our chance to gather as a large group to unashamedly worship God and tell people the story of Jesus and the Good News he brings. With modern music, casual dress, and a contemporary feel, we encourage you to come as you are.

Small Groups: We were not designed to walk the Christian life alone. These smaller, more intimate gatherings provide a great way for us to do life together through fellowship, encouragement, prayer and study, as we seek ways to engage, reach, and serve our communities.

Discipleship: Being a disciple is not a life of spiritual stagnation; instead, it constantly involves us taking the next step and maturing in our relationship with Jesus. We believe meeting in smaller groups of 2 or 3 is a great way to promote growth, depth in the word, and accountability.

Missional Engagement:  For years the church has had a "come and see" approach to ministry where everything happens within the walls of the church building. However, we understand the mission of Jesus is to help us step outside the four walls of the church and engaging people where they are.